Amino Derived Allograft

Introducing an alternative in injury and wound management

Potential Clinical Applications

Celera Fluid is a unique alternative to invasive surgical procedures with a variety of potential applications that may include:

  • Chronic wound covering 1
  • Localized inflammation 2
  • Soft tissue or bone trauma 2,3
  • Tendonitis 4
  • Reduction of scarring 5

Liquid Allograft

Celera™ Fluid is a non-structual decellularized fluid allograft intended for homologous use such as providing a cushion around a tissue. Extensive use of these products has proven their clinial safety and efficacy. Celera Fluid contains growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines (see Celera Fluid Growth Factor and Binding Protein Analysis, data on file).

Protein Preservation & Characteristics

Celera Fluid is created using a fluid processing technology that is designed specifically to preserve protein integrity and biologic activity. Figure 1A shows the intact native proteins in Celera Fluid, whereas Figure 1B shows changes in the pattern consistent with protein degradation seen with other processing methods. Cells and extracellular debris are removed, yet an array of soluble cytokines and growth factors are still present in Celera Fluid (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Celera™ Fluid SDS-PAGE*

*Data on file
Celera Figure 1
The distinct banding pattern is indicative of intact native proteins (A) compared to degraded control (B).

Figure 2. Celera™ Fluid Growth Factor and Binding Protein Analysis

Celera Figure 2 Graph
Figure 2 shows the proteins found in Celera Fluid, many of which are known to play a role in tissue repair and restoration.

Comprehensive Safety & Quality Assurance Programs

Donor Tissure remains in compliance through all phases including storage, transport, and tracking.

Sterility testing is performed on every lot with the standards specified in USP <71>. In addition, Endotoxin testing consistent with USP<85> is utilized as a part of the release criteria for each lot. Maternal screening for infectious disease testing includes:

  • Hepatitis B core antigen (HBcAg)
  • Hepatits C antibodies (HCVAb)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1/O/2 antibodies (HIV-1/O/2 Ab)
  • Human T-lymphotronic virus I/II (HTLVI/II)
  • Anti-Hepatitis B core total antibodies (HBcTotal)


Celera Fluid is processed in RA section

Product Sizes


  • 0.5 ml - AF - 13205
  • 1.0 ml - AF - 13210
  • 2.0 ml - AF - 13220

Room Temp

  • ART - 13205
  • ART - 13210
  • ART - 13220