Pedicle Screw System

  • A single system which can perform any posterior pedicle screw procedure: Open Screws; Mid-Line Cortical Screws; MIS Towered Base Screws (mini-open or percutaneous approach); MIS Extended Tab Screws (mini-open or percutaneous approach); Thoracic &/or Lumbo-Sacral Procedures.
  • The single system approach of the Focus Pedicle Screw System means, more efficiency in the OR, reduced learning curves for OR personnel, and fewer sets need to be processed. All of this contributes to safety, efficiency and cost savings.

  • Screws are available with a cortical double lead thread pitch or a variable cortico-cancellous thread pitch. Screws can accomodate a 5.5 mm or 6.0 mm rod.
  • Mis-Extended Tab Arms are joined at the proximal ends for increased strength and stability or can be easily modified to a semi-open or open configuration to assist in rod placement.

Poly Screws, MIS – Towered, Cannulated, Dual Lead Threads

Poly Screws, MIS – Towered, Cannulated, Cortical Cancellous Threads

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