Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion System

The nv is an intervertebral body fusion device used in the lumbar spine following discectomy. All devices are manufactured from PEEK-Optima® LT1 per ASTM F2026 and include Structural Encoding® and tantalum markers per ASTM F560 for radiographic visualization.

System Characteristics
  • Graft Window
    • Large = 564mm2
    • Small = 382mm2
  • Modular Trials
  • Lordotic (6°)
  • Lordotic (12°)
  • 10mm – 20mm heights
2 Footprints
  • 25mm X 34mm
  • 29mm X 39mm

The devices have multiple footprints to adapt to the general shape of the vertebral endplates and have a hollow center to accommodate bone graft. The devices are implanted via an anterior (ALIF) surgical approach.

Each footprint is available in multiple heights and accommodate patient variability and there are anti-migration features on the superior and inferior surfaces designed to improve fixation, stability, and prevent back out.

25mm X 34mm Lorditic 6°
25mm X 34mm Lorditic 12°
29mm X 39mm Lorditic 6°
29mm X 39mm Lorditic 12°

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