Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion System

The nvt® is an intervertebral body fusion device used in the lumbar spine following discectomy. All devices are manufactured from PEEK Optima® LT1 per ASTM F2026 and include tantalum markers per ASTM F560 for radiographic visualization.

System Characteristics
  • Graft Window = 127mm2
  • Modular Trials
  • Parallel and Lordotic (7°)
  • 6mm – 15mm heights
1 Footprint
  • 11mm X 35mm

The devices have multiple footprints to adapt to the general shape of the vertebral endplates and have a hollow center to accommodate bone graft. The devices are implanted via a transforaminal (TLIF) surgical approach.

Each footprint is available in multiple heights and accommodate patient variability and there are anti-migration features on the superior and inferior surfaces designed to improve fixation, stability, and prevent back out.

11mm X 35mm Parallel
11mm X 35mm Lordotic

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