The Vector® Hammertoe Correction System is a Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Arthrodesis system with two notable innovations.

  • The Vector® Hammertoe Correction System uses the highly advanced interbody fusion material, PEEK-OPTIMA® HA Enhanced (Hydroxyapatite).
  • It is also the first lower extremity implant to be Structurally Encoded for Unique Device Identification (UDI) with a patented tantalum structural encoded identifier.

  •  By utilizing the PEEK-OPTIMA® HA Enhanced compound, the device system takes advantage of the material’s osteoconductive properties that promote bidirectional bone healing and improved fixation without introducing material-related bio-incompatibility reactions.
  • A standard retrograde technique can be performed that allows for direct drilling and placement of the implant.

  • Vector achieves a press fit between the implant and the bone due to a controlled, precisely drilled cavity. The modulus of elasticity closely matches actual bone. 
  • The precise instrumentation in the Vector Hammertoe Correction System promotes the ease of insertion and preparation further improving the success of the procedure.


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Non-cannulated Hammertoe Implant
Part NumberDescription
HAM-13-3513mm long, 3.5mm Diameter
HAM-14-3514mm long, 3.5mm Diameter
HAM-15-3515mm long, 3.5mm Diameter
HAM-15-4015mm long, 4.0mm Diameter
HAM-16-4016mm long, 4.0mm Diameter
HAM-17-4017mm long, 4.0mm Diameter
Cannulated Hammertoe Implant
Part NumberDescription
HAM-12-30C12mm long, 3.0mm Diameter
HAM-13-30C13mm long, 3.0mm Diameter
HAM-14-30C14mm long, 3.0mm Diameter
HAM-15-30C15mm long, 3.0mm Diameter
HAM-13-35C13mm long, 3.5mm Diameter
HAM-14-35C14mm long, 3.5mm Diameter
HAM-15-35C15mm long, 3.5mm Diameter
HAM-15-40C15mm long, 4.0mm Diameter
HAM-16-40C16mm long, 4.0mm Diameter
HAM-17-40C17mm long, 4.0mm Diameter

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